Guardian says sorry again

The Guardian has used one of its blogs again as a platform for clarifying and apologising about an editorial decision. In this case, the use of material posted to its online forums in the Guardians new Saturday print Family section. Although, as Emily Bell describes, it was perfectly acceptable within the terms and conditions of the boards it offended many users.

It was a mistake to use some of the material without more warning and consultation, given its more personal nature. We are sorry if posters have been offended or upset by this. There are individuals who have complained to GU or the readers’ editor directly and we will be contacting them personally.

For an issue with slightly more weight than the previous user led editorial reversal, this shows again how comfortable The Guardian now is at dealing with these type of issues. Whether its the format, the speed of response, or the quality of the writing they just don’t sound like grudging climbdowns. They sound confident and open.


One response to “Guardian says sorry again

  1. Jem – thanks for the kind words, and for giving me another concept to think about: confidence when it comes to this stuff. Hadn’t thought of it in that way.

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