"My name’s Nick Robinson and I’m a blogger"

The first outcome of one of the projects I’ve been working on at the BBC; the Nick Robinson blog launched today.
As Nick (the political editor of the BBC) himself puts it:

“The BBC is about to start a trial series of blogs, each of which will be built using the kind of software employed by millions of weblogs around the world. This is the first of that trial.”

More to follow in the new year.
Its great to be involved in a real live project again and I’m excited and nervous about how this is going to turn out. Thanks to all my News Interactive colleagues for actually getting this done. ( I just interfered).
Update: some feedback

it really looks like the they’ve decided to get on board the blogging bandwagon in a pretty serious way. Individual post pages, RSS feed and comments are all there. Comments are (understandably) moderated although not excessively judging by those they’ve posted so far. Good stuff.
A big stick and a Small Carrot

but as ever, our users were quick to be sceptical

Hmmmmn. Call me a sceptic but I bet Nick doesn’t write this. There’ll be an editorial understudy with the time / job to do it for him.
What do you say Nick? Convince us otherwise….

He will.


4 responses to “"My name’s Nick Robinson and I’m a blogger"

  1. Well… Nick did a ‘pseudo-blog’ back in tha day on News Online, when he was News24’s politico in chief. I think it was perhaps opne of the first ‘blog formatted’ pieces of content on bbc.co.uk… must be about 3/4 yrs ago now.

  2. Frankie Roberto

    my response

    Looks all very good and promising. Although I wish the RSS feed had more content in it…

  3. Frankie Roberto

    Scratch that – RSS feed seems to contain full posts. Huzzah!

  4. Matt. yep
    Nick referred to it in his opening post

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