2 things in the New Statesman this week.

The best thing in the New Statesman this week is a rather rude review of Colin Murray by Rachel Cooke in the radio column. There’s also another one of their odd supplements that document random round table discussions paid for by sponsorship that always seems ill fitting for the magazine. With the not exactly great come on of “IT and modernisation”, it has some great stuff (as usual) from Will Davies, especially on the gulf between the perception of public services and our experiences when we actually use them. There’s also contributions from Matt and contributions from my boss Tony Ageh about development at the BBC.

“We are much more into the buy rather than build culture. The hope of other industries that have made significant investment is that the BBC’s technology will stand still to allow them to recoup their investment. That is an unfair burden to place on a public service body. Other companies can say. “Never mind the people with accessibility issues, its all about getting our return back”, whereas the BBC has to go at the speed of the slowest members of its audience”

The full debate is available only as a PDF.
Its chaired by BBC columnist, pundit and “essayist” as the New Statesman puts it, Bill Thompson who has a good pay off quote at the end to cheer you up after 16 pages of legacy systems, mismanaged public sector IT projects, and talk of the National Audit Office.


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