BBC Taliban Interview

Newsnight’s report from Afghanistan and interview with the Taliban has received extensive coverage elsewhere. Euan, however, raised the point that frustrated at the quality and user experience of watching the item on why couldn’t the BBC “just put their videos on Youtube”. The issues about using Youtube as a distribution platform are discussed at length in the comments but i raised the point at the end that users are already doing a very effective job of using the site to circulate BBC material. Youtube (i think) index their site every 24 hours so the clips weren’t showing up yesterday but sure enough this morning the full Newsnight interview (in 2 parts) has turned up. Newsnight are fully aware of their items/interviews being used in this way and this example illustrates, apart from permissions, that thorny issue of credit. Ripped from BBC2 it obviously has no DOG, and the astonishing reporter David Loyn and Newsnight are not mentioned. The intros and outros to the piece have been edited out. The user (Phantomsby) has titled it “BBC Taleban interview”, however otherwise i wouldn’t have picked it up in my search. Newsnight followed it up with a debate between Peter Horrocks and Liam Fox last night. with again their blog being used as the place discuss their editorial decisions with some strong support (and criticism) in the comments.


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