The day I said sorry to Eddie Mair

Today I spent a considerable bit of my time (“working from home) apologising to Eddie Mair, listeners to PM and primarily those users (froggers as they have dubbed themselves) who have struggled with the BBC’s blog installation over the last few weeks. Fearing the worst, my rather dull explanation post actually had the inevitable Radio 4 response of grateful, polite thanks and incredibly from one user apologies for bringing up the whole issue.

Eddie (and the PM team) has been one of our blog successes so far but I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that he first comes across me as the dozy BBC exec responsible for making his users oh so v.slightly frustrated and mildly pissed off. Anyway they seem to have quickly forgotten my anal explanations of comment spam and gone back to admiring random photos of the snow. Phew.


4 responses to “The day I said sorry to Eddie Mair

  1. Jem Stone: As a Radio 4 listener and a user of the PM Blog, I am amazed that you, as a BBC employee, choose to publish your scorn for the PM Blog in such a public way.

    Frankly, your lack of good judgment is worrying, to say the least.

  2. Hi Big Sis. Scorn ? Really ? Does it read like that ? I hope not.

    I think the PM blog is a great success and
    Considering that PM won a well deserved interactive Sony this week then it looks like i’m not the only one.

  3. Okay, Jem, I’ll believe you on this – you’ve taken the trouble to reply, so I guess you mean it.

    Perhaps you could link to a more flattering quote about the award? The one you have to the right of you Blog is, well, unflattering don’t you think?

    The PM Blog is mostly extremely frivolous, but often very serious too. I think that probably reflects the character of its host, don’t you?

    Best wishes to you and all the BBC techies who keep us going.

  4. Big Sis. Me again.
    Oh i get you. My links. Well i hoover up all sorts of commentary/feedback over there . Some of it good, some of it not so good mostly around what the BBC is up to. It doesn’t mean i endorse what those links are saying or publishing. It certainly doesn’t mean i agree with them. Well not always.

    It was an interesting (if unflattering quote) and i’m drawing attention to it. I didn’t write it!

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