“spotting virgins”. Absolute talk community.

Clive Dickens at Radio at the Edge

At the rather lovely Radio at the Edge. Clive Dickens talking about how in the change over (“cross fade” ho!) from Virgin radio to Absolute they’ve deployed a pretty impressive number of ways of empowering listeners along along the way. I’ve rather rashly turned this into a list so i can steal be inspired by them later.


2 responses to ““spotting virgins”. Absolute talk community.

  1. Impressive, isn’t it? Really pleased that Absolute are making their presence felt as something new, rather than yet another cookie-cutter commercial music station. And the opening words were inspired.

  2. Dear Jem,

    I didn’t want to put this anywhere but here. I occasionally post on the Lamb thread @6 music, and am aware of your level-headed responses to user issues.

    These are excellent suggestions, some of which might subdue the ire. Particularly the suggestion of freedom of info and restricting the number of plays from the playlist and comparing playlists from other stations.

    I think we are in good hands! Or I hope so!

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