25 examples of best practice on BBC blogs

A picture of a BBC Blogging Event sign

Photo of BBC Blogging Workshop by Robin Hamman. Used under licence.

Yes its a list. I started compiling this for internal usage to help the teams I work with but as the examples started to grow then i thought i might as well have it outside the firewall for posterity. This is probably part one. After all I haven’t mentioned Robert Peston yet.

Behind the scenes –  Posts explaining how BBC projects, programmes and services work:

Thankfully the BBC does a lot of this now. Here’s 10 examples but The Editors blog in News has published nearly 1400 posts about BBC journalism in its 2 and a half year history for example.

Responding to users comments and online/offline feedback.

Curating comment and opinion from varied external sources. Linking and attributing them appropriately.

Special PM Section

Radio 4’s daily afternoon news programme; PM and now its sister programme iPM have long experimented with journalism using social media tools thanks  to the active engagement of its presenter; Eddie Mair and the pioneering work of reporter and presenter; Chris Vallance. A few examples:

  • Hilda Gibson was a Land Girl during the war. Eddie plugged her interview in an initial blog post;if you only listen to one thing in the programme tonight, please listen to this.” The overwhelming response from users and their comments led to six follow up posts, further appearances on the programme and and an opportunity for her to lobby a government minister on  iPM

More on BBC Blogs:

  • Robin Hamman’s blog; Cybersoc has dozens of excellent posts documenting the BBC’s blogging and its forays into social media at http://www.cybersoc.com/bbc/

Actually thats more than 25 or maybe its just 23. You never can tell with lists.


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