10 BBC Radio tweeters you might not follow yet but should.

Inspired/provoked by Dave Lee’s post yesterday outlining his recommendation of ten BBC News people  worth following on Twitter, I decided to have a go but with BBC Radio people.  So here’s a ten. As with Dave’s caveat. Its not *the* ten and its not in order. So if I’ve missed anyone…

Broadcasting House lift

Steve Martin @smartin –  Business Development Manager, BBC World Service

Like most of the people on this list, although he frequently tweets about his job representing BBC Radio in Africa, Steve is a generous, insightful commentator on the UK radio industry in general. His blog http://earshot.tvi.gg/ (recent posts about a Bauer TV ad, Ros Atkins from World Have Your Say, and the Pips) and a  lively podcast focusing on radio production in all its forms are also must reads/downloads.

Brett Spencer – @brettsr – Interactive Editor, Radio 2 & 6music

Next week Brett starts a new role as the digital commissioner for Radio 2 & 6music after a recent stint pioneering this stuff with BBC Three Counties radio. You’ll obviously find a BBC focus in his stream but he’s also a shrewd tweeter of journalism/radio conferences/panels (He used to head up digital at 5 Live) and he manages to dig up all manner of links, stats and insights relating to audio consumption …as well as a mild obsession with obscure US TV dramas and the UK stand up circuit.

Sam Bailey – @samuelbailey – Senior Producer, Radio 1/1xtra Interactive

Sam is one of the key young producers making Radio 1/1xtra the most confident and popular multiplatform radio station, certainly in the UK, probably in the world. This is a very much his personal account but alongside the banter with colleagues, and jokes with DJs/presenters you’ll just as likely to see him giving props to peers in Global or Absolute as well as plugging the weekly innovation from the team on the 4th floor in Yalding House.

Nigel Smith – @nigelcsmith – Interactive Editor, BBC 5 Live

Shortly on his way to Salford as the now confirmed digital boss of 5 Live, then I hope Nigel will continue to provide a fairly personal first hand account of one of the highest profile moves north by the BBC. A long time Americana blogger and a bit of a documentary/film nut he’s also makes a lot of sense discussing the merits of “visualising” radio   You might also see Nigel pop up from time to time on the official @bbc5live account.

Rhian Roberts @rhiroberts – Head of Development, BBC 5 Live

…and talking of BBC North. Rhian is one of the smartest, persuasive leaders I’ve met at the BBC and has been planning 5 Live’s move. Tweeting about today’s Kermode/Mayo special from the new Media UK base reflected on all the time she’s invested. “Makes all the spread sheets and gant charts worth it”.  Its a year since we spoke, on a BBC course, but I still feel in touch and connected a year later. Its all Twitter’s fault.

Steve Bowbrick –@bowbrick – Editor, About the BBC.

Well you probably know him already. One of the people behind Speechification, an early pioneer of UK start-ups and in his role as Editor of the Radio 4 blog the man who successfully introduced social media to a 44 year old Radio station (average age of its listeners: 55) he even took that photo of Broadcasting House at the top of this page. Still doing what he does best, which is being an ambassador for the BBC and what it represents, he luckily hasn’t suffered too much from having me as a boss. His tweets could be recommendations gleaned from the FT,  RTE, NPR, the far reaches of Radio 3 or oddly the shopfronts of London’s outer reaches. He’s charming too. The rotter.

Nick Sutton – @SuttonNick – Editor of The World At One, The World This Weekend

Nick is part of a newer clutch of Radio 4 editors and producers dipping their toe into the waters even as far as urging listeners to use hashtags on air. (see also editor of PM/BH; Jo Carr – @jocarr ) In the last few months he’s built up a healthy following trailing stories, upcoming guests,  and now provides the go to service for politics geeks every evening around 9pm with his hot off the presses preview service of the next days newspapers front pages.

Corrie Corfield – @corfmeister – Announcer & Newsreader, Radio 4

Quietly over the last few years the radio4/world service announcers have established themselves as just as much of an institution online as they are on air with some very playful extensions to that previously unknown world inside the “Con” (as they affectionately call it). Now I could just as easily have picked@zebsoanes or @kathyclugston or @alicearnold1 but Corrie shades it for her engagement with listeners, her obvious warmth for her Radio 4 colleagues, and those some leftfield recommendations to listen. Right now.

Keri Davies – @keridavies – Scriptwriter, The Archers, Ambridge Extra and Digital Producer, Radio 4.

If you’re a fan then the privilege of seeing the planning and process that goes into producing the worlds longest running documentary soap via Keri’s updates is a genuine treat. For years a very capable host of the Archers message board (now looked after by @tayler), he along with @jezzer is skillfully opening up how the BBC produces and scripts radio drama online.

Rupert Brun – @barwickgreen – Head of Technology, Audio and Music

Rupert is another of those incredibly clever people that are a real privilege to work alongside. He is also was the man behind HD Sound which is a great thing. Mind you he had me at the choice of @barwickgreen for his username.

and finally @andyfakeparfitt . He’s not real of course. The actual Controller of Radio 1, 1xtra and popular music is not on twitter. But this fake parody  slips courtesy of  this tweet earlier this week. which i  obviously don’t endorse.

This isn’t a comprehensive list but for i do keep more extensive lists of BBC Twitter accounts via twitter.com/bbc/  of BBC presenters, DJs, producers, and staff. Over 300 of em.


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