10 of the best BBC pictures via Getty Images

Last month Getty announced they were making their photo catalogue available for embedding in social media and blogs.

Just testing this out so here’s 10 of the most interesting BBC pictures mostly from the Hulton Archive part of the Getty Collection.

Here goes…

1.A technician at work at the Baird Television Radio transmitter at the BBC’s first high definition television station at Alexandra Palace, London, 23rd August 1936.

Embed from Getty Images

2.Its just like a Fridge with a computer! Here’s a radio set with an integrated mirror and electric clock in the shape of a book shelf. On the occasion of the BBC’s 10th anniversary radio exhibition at the London Olympia.  1933.

Embed from Getty Images

3.Its 8th July 1971 and Bongo, a west African lowland gorilla, watches the BBC test-card on a colour television in his new luxury enclosure at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire. Hope he’s coughed up his licence fee.

Embed from Getty Images

4.Cybermen making a phone call.  This is from the now partly lost Doctor Who and the Moonbase series for the Second Doctor in 1967.

5.From 16th December 1946, Here’s a picture of Victor O+Brien the maintenance engineer, distributing BBC program’s to the Various regions at Broadcasting House.

Embed from Getty Images

6.This isn’t dated. Probably late 40s/50s. Women from the BBC’s Bush House in the Strand, London, have physical training exercise classes on the rooftop.

7.Here. Brian Hodgson tunes the audio generators at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, Maida Vale, London. Not dated again but probably 70s.

8.The Gramophone library at Broadcasting House probably in the 50s ?. The description reads “Staff selecting and filing records in the BBC gramophone library. The discs are stored in steel racks.”

9. The “Sound Control Room” at Broadcasting House

10. This is probably 1946 when Mcdonald Hobley, the BBC’s new Continuity Announcer for Television started at the corporation.


One response to “10 of the best BBC pictures via Getty Images

  1. The women on the roof is more early 1930s, from the fashions and haircuts. Also, group excercise like that was a pre-war fad. All a bit Leni Riefenstahl…

    Also, you should watch ‘Shooting the Past’. It’s partly based on the Hulton-Getty deal…

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